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Engineering Inspection

Sentinel assists you in all your missions requiring the visual inspection of your structures, infrastructures or consrtruction sites in order to detect any defects or abnormalities, but also in the regular or punctual follow-up of construction project.  We perform comprehensive and customized diagnostics to keep your technicians safe, and enable accurate, non-intrusive and comprehensive inspections.

Technical inspection by drone

Icône sécurité inspection par drone

Secure and fast

A better level of safety, without the need for a platform or scaffolding.

Icône inspection technique infrastructures

Images, videos & modelling

Our team provides you all formats adapted to your needs. The data are geo-referenced and in high definition.

Icône inspection régulière des bâtiments, panneaux solaires et éoliennes

Regular or occasional inspection

We can be part of a regular monitoring or a preventive maintenance program.

Building or infrastructure technical inspection

The drone makes it possible to identify and inspect structures or places that are difficult to access. This gives you a global view of the general condition of a building, monument or any other works of art and therefore you can quickly identify any faults or anomalies in the structures. The readings are georeferenced, facilitating operations whether as part of a regular monitoring or preventive maintenance program.


In addition to detecting anomalies such as microcracks, rust spots, non-functional lifelines or degraded gutters, Sentinel can take footage of the building being studied. After very fine 3D modeling (which can be millimeter), Sentinel will restore a drawing with all the dimensions indicated.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The use of our drone and scan inspection solutions for visual and thermographic inspection offers many advantages over traditional means of inspection:


  • A better level of safety at work

  • Reduced energy production downtime

  • High resolution data, images, videos, modeling

  • An observation of what already exists, allowing decisions to be made on repair and preventive maintenance needs.

Drone inspection Technique de lignes électriques, batiments et Ouvrages
inspection drone bâtiments, ouvrages et lignes électriques en guyane

Monitoring of construction sites

Our site monitoring service, from the start of construction to the delivery, allows the site manager to control the progress and proper execution of the project, thus allowing him to respect the deadlines.

Our teams take aerial shots with optimal safety, over a period of time that varies according to your needs: a single capture or a monthly monitoring over several years. The aerial images obtained allow an enhancement and a clear and precise vision of the progress of the project and can be assembled to provide you a high definition orthophoto.

We can also make long time lapses to make an interesting promotional video at the end of the project.

Optimize your site visits thanks to virtual visits that can be viewed remotely and save your employees time by reducing trips to the field. Virtual tours are also a great way to communicate internally to educate or train staff.

Suivi chantier et travaux en Guyane et Guadeloupe
Suivi chantier et timelapse chantier par drone
Suivi chantier, inspection technique ouvrages et infrastructures en Guyane et Antilles

Call on our team for engineering inspection.

Our team will support you for your technical inspection project. Reduce the risks for your teams and get clear and detailed inspections of your infrastructure and structures.

Sentinel supports manufacturers, institutions, start-ups or associations, in carrying out their project, by offering imaging and engineering services.

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