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Carribean & Guyana

Sentinel performs imaging missions for technical and communication purposes. Contact us for a customized quote, adapted to your needs and your budget.

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Prestation service imagerie, photogrammétrie, inspection et films promotionnels en Guyane

Our team

Equipe Sentinel drone en Guyane

Sentinel supports manufacturers, institutions, start-ups or associations, in carrying out their project, by offering imaging and engineering services.

Created in 2016, by 3 engineers from the aerospace industry and by an expert in civilian drones, Sentinel is today the regional leader, in Guyana, and in the Caribbean, for all technical shooting missions or communication purposes.

Sentinel currently has an establishment in Kourou (Guyana), Trois Ilets (Martinique), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).


The management team:

  • Guillaume BERTHIER: President of Sentinel

  • Antoine ARVEILLER: Managing Director

  • Ludovic FRAUMAR: Director of Legal and Administrative Affairs

  • Philippe Molé: Managing Director, Caribbean

  • Pierre-Yves GUY: Managing Director Brazil

Our subsidiaries


Domaine Château Gaillard

Route des Trois-Ilets

97229 Trois-Ilets



3 rue Gramme

97310 Kourou

Guyane Française

+594 (0)6 94 44 65 03


Rua Santa Luzia
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

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