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Thermographie, inspections thermiques de bâtiments, ouvrages et infrastructures en Guyane et Antilles

Thermal Inspection

Sentinel captures and assembles thermal images for a precise and in-depth analysis of infrastructure defects and thermal anomalies, using high-resolution thermal cameras. Thermography, which is acquired by drone, and for which innovative deliverables are provided to the customer, is an efficient, economical and secure solution for carrying out an assessment of your infrastructures.

Infrastructure thermography

Icône inspection thermique sécurisée

Secure and fast

Thermal analysis by drone, without the need for platform and scaffolding.

Icône scan thermique de bâtiments

Thermal scan

Thermal image recording and digital reference photograph.

Icône inspection thermique régulière

Regular or occasional inspection

Regular monitoring or preventive maintenance program.

Thermography of photovoltaic plants

Our thermographic drone inspection service allows you to fly over photovoltaic power plants and effectively detect malfunctioning panel cells, power failures and dirt impacting performance.

Thermography, the acquisition of which is carried out by drone, and for which innovative deliverables are provided to the customer, constitutes an efficient, economical and secure solution for carrying out an assessment of your photovoltaic power plant.

For the photovoltaic industry, for example, Sentinel carries out more than 400 structural diagnostics per year in Guyana and the Caribbean.

Thermographie d'une centrale photovoltaique et panneaux solaires
Inspection thermique de panneaux solaires et centrales photovoltaïques

Inspection thermique de panneaux solaires

Infrastructure thermography

(electricity pylons, antennas, etc.)

The drone makes it possible to inspect, photograph and film structures or places that are difficult to access. Sentinel performs comprehensive infrastructure diagnostics by providing, among other things, a .pdf file containing a thermal orthophotography drawing on which defects are identified and classified. A single, portable and comprehensive file lets you know at a glance the general condition of your infrastructure.

Our thermographic inspection solution by drone makes it possible to efficiently identify structural faults, hot spots and other anomalies in power pylons, telecommunications antennas, etc. A close inspection of high voltage transmission and distribution structures also allows the reliability of the electricity network.


Our team of professionals can also inspect the thermal stack, cooling tower, expansion joints and thermal hanger, all without costly construction of scaffolding and interruption of energy production.

Thermographie d'infrastructures, pylones électriques et antennes
Thermographie d'infrastructures, lignes électriques et antennes.

Inspection thermique de pylônes électriques, antennes, infrastructures, usines, etc...

Thermal inspection of wind turbines

Before installation, the rotor blades of wind turbines must be carefully examined with a thermal imager before installation in order to detect any faults. Throughout their operating cycle, crisp, detailed thermal scans are used to indicate anomalies in composite materials clearly visible through the temperature difference.

The use of the drone in these inspection missions, analyzing the nose and blades of wind turbines, avoids the risk of danger for technicians and reduces operating costs.

Thermographic inspection missions can be part of a regular monitoring or preventive maintenance program.

Inspection thermique d'éoliennes en Guyane et Guadeloupe
Thermographie éoliennes et scan thermique éoliennes en Guyane et Guadeloupe
Thermographie d'infrastructures, usines, panneaux photovoltaïques en Guyane, Martinique et Guadeloupe

Call on our team for infrastructural thermography.

Our teams are involved in the inspection and thermal analysis of your infrastructures (factories, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, buildings) in Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe for companies and local authorities.

More services

Sentinel supports manufacturers, institutions, start-ups or associations, in carrying out their project, by offering imaging and engineering services.

Photogrammétrie, topographie et cartographie par drone en Guyane, Martinique et Guadeloupe


Topography & Cartography

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