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Lasergrammétrie et levé Lidar en Guyane, Martinique et Guadeloupe.


The LIDAR on board a drone allows precision operations, by reducing the altitude between the sensor and the ground and by defining a mobile speed corresponding to a specified density of points.

Topographic surveys by LIDAR

Icône relevé topographique par Lidar

Precise solution

3D modeling under vegetation with an accuracy accuracy of 5cm

icône production géospatiale par Lidar

High added value geospatial production

Combines vertical and mobile mapping.


Difficult to access site

Particularly effective on large surfaces or sites difficult to access due to vegetation.

Relevé topographique, topographie par LIDAR en Guyane, Martinique et Guadeloupe

Topographic surveys by LIDAR

The drone combined with our high density and long range LiDAR solution makes it possible to represent the morphology of a terrain or an infrastructure in a dense and exhaustive way. Carry out a complete topography on large surfaces thanks to our LIDAR sensor.

Different applications:


  • Topographic studies preliminary draft (APS), preliminary draft (AP) for land use planning, installations of high voltage lines, pipelines, railway projects, roads.

  • Hydrology and dams: fall height measurement, reservoir volume measurement, water rise simulation, runoff measurement, preliminary impact studies, etc.

  • Geomorphological studies: cubature calculation, erosion monitoring, slope calculation, landslide

  • Vegetation studies.

LIDAR solution on board a drone

Solution LIDAR embarquée sur un drone Sentinel

In order to understand or analyze the topography, we provide you with the following deliverables from the LIDAR data collected:

  • Topographic plan (DWG) with 3D polyline

  • Cleaned classified and georeferenced point cloud

  • DEM (digital elevation model)

  • Contour lines with 3D polyline

  • Break lines with 3D polyline

capteur lidar yellowscan pour levé altimétrique par Lidar sur drone
Etude topographique avec Lidar en Guyane, Martinique et Guadeloupe

Call on our team for your topographic surveys.

Our experienced team will support you for your Lidar topographic survey project. Get clear and detailed reports, facilitating decision making.

More services

Sentinel supports manufacturers, institutions, start-ups or associations, in carrying out their project, by offering imaging and engineering services.

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