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Drone training

Become a drone pilot thanks to our drone pilot training in Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe. We also offer professional training in aerial photogrammetry.

Drone pilot training in Guyana, Guadeloupe and Martinique


Certified instructors

Our experienced trainers will share their knowledge to become a professional drone pilot.


Funded training

Our training centers are certified and are eligible for Pôle Emploi training credit.


Customized training

Depending on your professional needs or level of piloting, our trainers can adapt their training.

Become operational quickly with our tailor-made drone pilot training in Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Guyana.

To exercise a remote pilot activity, you must hold a Theoretical Telepilot Aptitude Certificate issued by the DGAC, and follow theoretical and practical training in a training organization. Our drone training centers in Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe organize training provided by qualified and experienced instructors who will accompany you throughout the program, to allow you to quickly become a qualified drone pilot. During this training, you will fly in the different scenarios S1, S2 and S3 which are representative of the situations in which you will have to fly your drone for your activity.

Our drone training center in the West Indies is:

  • AFNOR RNQ certified

  • Registered in the Data-Dock

  • recognized by Pôle Emploi for funding

  • FPDC labeled

  • founding member of the Drone Antilles Guyane Federation

We also offer introductory drone piloting training or in-depth professional training. Indeed, our expert trainers can accompany you on aerial photogrammetry or aerial thermography.

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Drone piloting initiation in Guyana, Guadeloupe and Martinique.


For those who want to fly autonomously quickly with the basics needed to pilot professional drones.

This one-day training will allow trainees to fly stress-free. Particular emphasis is placed on regulations and safety principles.

Drone training duration : 1 day

Theoretical and practical training for the Theoretical Aptitude Certificate for piloting

For those who want more in-depth drone training and want to quickly enter the professional world.

This 5-day training combines theoretical drone training over 3 half-days, 3 half-days of intensive flight and 2 days of immersion to prepare for the theoretical drone tele-pilot certificate. Particular emphasis is placed on regulations and safety principles.


Drone training duration : 5 days


Martinique :                Guyane :

Du 22 janvier au 02 février              Du 11 au 22 mars                                                 
Du 19 février au 1er mars                Du  15 au 26 juillet                                              

Du 11 au 22 mars                                Du 30 septembre au 11 octobre                                            
Du 15 au 26 avril                                                                         
Du 27 mai au 08 Juin         
Du 17 au 29 Juin

Du 29 Juillet au 09 août

Du 19 au 31 août

Du 09 au 21 septembre

Du 14 au 25 octobre

Du 18 au 29 novembre

Du 09 au 20 décembre

Photogrammetry training

Drone photogrammetry allows you to perform precise measurements on infrastructures: orthoplans, scatter plots, orthophotos. At the end of the drone photogrammetry training, you will be able to model complex structures and capture them in more or less complex environments.

You will be able to perform flights adapted to this technology. You will be introduced to Pix4D software in order to provide good quality results to your clients (ortho photo, 3D view, topography, etc.).

Thermography by drone allows a thermal inspection of a structure very quickly. The use of a drone allows you to efficiently observe energy losses or faults on roofs or difficult to access infrastructures and thus complements your thermal scan on the ground. Our thermography training supports you effectively for the proper performance of your thermal diagnostics.

Training duration : 5 days


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You want to take a drone training with us ? 

Our experienced drone trainers will assist you in learning how to pilot drones, in Guyana and the West Indies. Our training courses are AFNOR certified and can be funded by Pôle Emploi.

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