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M300 performance validation

We have carried out tests of our new platform: the M300.

dji matrice 300 in action with Sentinel drone

From the Saut Maripa, on the Oyapock river which marks the border between Guyana and Brazil, the drone, carried out imaging tests with its payload. The photo below shows the performance of this quadruple sensor.

Sensor Matrice 300 during Sentinel inspection

This new tool has made it possible to detect canoes more than 15 km away, and the night mode allows missions to be carried out at any time. In addition, the camera is intelligent and makes it easy to perform "trackings", thus allowing the pilot to concentrate on tasks other than that of monitoring : moving the drone or using what is observed in real time.

matrice 300 inspection

This operational, agile and efficient tool makes it possible in particular to "see without being seen" and could become essential to better control France's largest border with another country, in particular in the context of the fight against illegal gold panning.

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