Cases of use

Industry / Mining

Surface & volume calculation, 2D & 3D mapping


Water suffering, diseases, surface measurements, fire prevention


Doubt removal, recognition, event monitoring, natural disaster monitoring

Urban administration

Areas & structures monitoring, GIS, flood simulation, control of cliffs and coastline


2D & 3D mapping, timelapses



Post-disaster expertise


Inspection & thermography

All types of work (180x optical zoom and radiometric thermal camera)


Identify precisely the repair and maintenance needs of your infrastructures (cracks, damage to roofs, photovoltaic panels).


A photographic and / or thermal report accompanied by GPS coordinates is provided


Topographic surveys and creation of plans, measurements of surfaces, and volumes


The exploitation of a 3D model allows a precise calculation of any volume, to carry out the topographic survey of a zone or to realize plans.


These geo-referenced models can be delivered in the form of a point cloud, digital model of surface or terrain, 2D / 3D contour lines, cubature readings, topographic plan ...


Crisis management, fire, disasters. Recognition, raising doubts and monitoring, event follow-up.

3 drone profiles can be implemented::

  • A captive drone for unlimited endurance   

  • A light drone for an ultra fast implementation, on any type of terrain. 

  • An aircraft type drone for endurance and increased range

Our photogrammetry method of work

Adapted deliverables
Data acquisition
  • Point clouds 3D modeling (MNS / MNT, mesh, texture)

  • Georeferenced orthophotos 2D plans

  • Cubatures and flows Level curves

Some productions


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